Maju LSK Logistics & Foodfare Sdn Bhd

Maju LSK Logistics & Foodfare Sdn Bhd




Our Logistic Services

Being the Logistic of our related companies, Maju LSK Logistics and Foodfare Sdn Bhd’s key task is to organise the safe and efficient storage and distribution of goods, and to ensure that orders are satisfied correctly. The services may involve in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of goods. Other responsibilities include; coordinating drivers, vehicles, loads and journeys.

Services of Related Companies




Syarikat Andong

Syarikat Andong mainly supply Anchor products.

Others: Juice, tissue, frozen foods, plastic containers.

JI-Mart Enterprise

JI-Mart Enterprise supply flour, drinks, bakery products, noodles, tissue, animal feeds, snacks, and etc


Mini Mart


Perusahaan Ala Haji Bolhassan

Perusahaan Ala Haji Bolhassan supply goods for the Singapore Armed Forces base in Jalan Aman Camp and in Temburong Lakium Camp.

Perusahaan Ala Haji Bolhassan also supply goods to The Empire Hotel, Hyatt (the Palace) and other government department.

Perusahaan Ala Haji Bolhassan also supply daily products.

Iburia Sdn Bhd

Iburia Sdn Bhd supply daily products and bakery ingredients